All About Insurance Auto Auction : A Review

This post is all about the review on IAAI insurance auto auction. In addition, if you are in a plan to sign a bid or car with IAAI insurance auto auction, you will think twice more after reading the review below. This insurance of insurance auto auction is not an insurance company which is there once you need support, and it is not worthwile to do a business. They will not help you with any single effort. All the things that they care about is just your money, and you simply pay without getting any protection or even responded claim because they don’t think about it. This company is also well known to be a very greedy one with lots of unscrupulous and dishonest schemes and tactics to push you paying more and more money for their own appeal!

For a former member of IAAI, it was a big mistake to join the insurance company and leaving the better one. If the other companies offer good services and delivering help as soon as you need it, but IAAI seems to be different with no help given. The first fool that you have to know is that once you win a bid on a car, then you have to pay about 50% to 100% of the winning bid and also several other stupid fees. It is different from the other companies that normally only take tax after all fees are talled. And you have to know that the buyer fee in IAAI is lot higher than any other companies. In addition, it maybe an appealing moment to know that you won the bid of the car, but the invoice sent will vanish your smile right away. An outrageous amount of additional fee added to the winning bid is beyond your estimation!

All About Insurance Auto Auction : A Review

In addition, there is also storage for fee shceming. If the other company only charges you about $20 a day not including weekend or holiday, iaai confidently charges you $30 a day including the weekends and also holiday. There is no certain reason for this higher amount of charge, and many people just believe that IAAI is not a good company to get your insurance auto auction. Moreover, you have to realize that IAAI really doesn’t care about you and your condition, what it cares about is just your money. It does more effort to squeeze as much as possible money from you, and the rest of bad luck is up to you.

The worst thing that you have to remember for the rest of your life is not to bid a car on IAAI via online! It is like a ghost that charge you up tp $70 extra. Although it is odd, but the company keeps saying that it is internet bidding fee! There is always a way and new path to get and rob more money from you, so there is nothing else but to be aware of this company. Many people don’t understand well about it whether the company pay the expense of the internet bidding or it simply charges you with no reasons. Maybe, it is only the strategy to get you pay more and more money. it is likely that the company uses your unaware condition to push you paying more and more!

Some people who have already got deals with the company said that the cars bid on the IAAI are not in line with the total fees paid to the greedy company. Therefore, if anyone of you wants to spend your $200, it is better to choose a good, experienced and trusted company. From the review, it is clear that it is not worthwile to pay all the fees with some fool additional amount for a winning bid car. It is ust a review from somebody which had been a member of IAAI, and he was dissapointed with the company that helps nothing but always stealing the money in a big amount. If you trust it then it is better to avoid IAAI, but if you want to prove it yourself, reconsider to spend much money for nothing. Anyway, it is good to be aware to any company that you want to join. Shopping around is much more better to find the one which suits you more.

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